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Backpack puts people first. We are a fully remote, distributed team across the globe. Join us on our quest to build amazing products.

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What we’re about

Put yourself first and get the work-life balance of your dreams.
Fully remote
Fully remote
We're a fully remote and completely distributed team, so we can work wherever we're happiest. Go find your beach.
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Work asynchronously
We're dedicated to working asynchronously, so we can contribute from anywhere at anytime. This means less meetings!
Career Growth
Career growth
Take ownership of your career. Join a team of industry leaders to gain valuable mentorship experience.
Co-working trips
Co-working trips
Travel the World while working. We meet as a team each year for a week full of travel and co-working.

Open Roles

Here’s a list of the active roles we’re accepting inbound applications for now. To be considered for a career opportunity at Backpack, please apply using the links below.
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